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What to Expect When Living on Little Cayman
29 April
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What to Expect When Living on Little Cayman

The Cayman Islands are well known to be a popular tourist destination, but they also make for a great place to call “home!” The Cayman Islands are comprised of three main islands: Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman trumps all three in population, geographical size, and popularity (for locals and tourists). This island in particular holds the territory’s capital, which is George Town, along with the stunning Seven Mile Beach, which has been ranked one of the best beaches in the world.

Cayman Brac is the second largest island, known best for its glorious natural beauty, such as its mystifying caves, 200+ species of birds (visitors and long-term residents), and stoic bluffs.

The final island, Little Cayman, is the smallest of the Sister Islands and is quite often heavily overshadowed. While it may be less prevalent in the public eye, it still deserves its own spotlight, especially for those looking to move to the Caymans!

If you are browsing through Little Cayman land for sale or even if you are just curious about Little Cayman for your future real estate investment, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a closer look at this “underdog” of an island and what you can expect if/when you live there.

300+ Days of Sunshine
This point is true for the Cayman Islands as a whole, but is still worth mentioning. Little Cayman receives well over 300+ days of sunshine each and every year! For those sun-chasers, you would be happy to call this place home as you’ll have warm weather and vitamin D available to you almost every day.

A Close-Knit Community
As aforementioned, Little Cayman is smaller than the other two islands. More specifically, it has a population of just over 200 residents on the entire island and is only ten miles long and one mile wide.

That being said, living on the island will bode exceptionally well for those looking for long-lasting and meaningful relationships. The community here usually isn’t transient, as those who are here are in it for the long haul. Because of that, the community is exceptionally close-knit and can be truly rewarding for those looking for exactly that in their new home.

Diverse Wildlife

For those nature lovers out there, you will undoubtedly find your natural oasis when living on Little Cayman. This island is rich in beautiful, peaceful, and untouched nature– and all is within reach.

The island boasts impressive natural diversity, as is portrayed in its 20 species of orchids, 21 native reptiles and amphibians, and 181 species of birds. Little Cayman also contains the largest population of red-footed boobies in all the Caribbean! Booby Pond Nature Reserve, which is located on the island, has 20,000 boobies and 350 frigate birds. Little Cayman is truly an ornithologist’s playground.

But it's not just the myriad of birds this island has in terms of wildlife; Little Cayman also holds the heaviest population of rock iguanas in the Caribbean (no doubt you’ll see them regularly!). The island is also home to the elusive Anulis maynardi (a.k.a. Little Cayman green anole or Maynard’s anole), which is the oldest reptile in the New World.

The flaura and fauna are truly exceptional on Little Cayman. Its untouched and empty beaches amongst unperturbed palm forests are especially remarkable and inviting as well.

Convenient Distance from Other Islands and International Locations
If you fear you will be too remote from other locations while living here, you can fear not as the other two islands are just a short flight away! Grand Cayman, for one example, is about a 35-40 minute flight away. The Owen Roberts International Airport on Grand Cayman then seamlessly connects you to various international locations, like the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom and beyond.

Plenty of Exciting Things to Do
Wondering what it is you can do while living on such a remote island? Fortunately, there are a number of fulfilling things to do on Little Cayman!

Go scuba diving- Little Cayman has one of the best scuba diving locations in the world: Bloody Bay Wall Marine Park. If you’re a fan of scuba diving, you would be remiss to not visit this hot scuba spot often! With its drop-off of 5,000 feet, the Bloody Bay Wall provides its visitors with a glimpse of both shallow and deep sea life and creatures.

Go fishing- The flats of the island are said to have the best bonefishing in the world while the brackish inland pool has tarpon.

Visit Owen Island- Take a quick kayak or sailboat ride over to Owen Island, the unofficial fourth island of the Caymans! Owen Island is located just off the southwestern tip of Little Cayman and is a true escape from society. It has no residents and no structures of any kind, making it the perfect day trip location. If you’re looking to really get away from it all for the day, Owen Island will sufficiently supply you with what you require.

Go birdwatching at Booby Pond Nature Reserve- We mentioned this reserve earlier, but it certainly deserves a spot on our list for a fun thing to do in Little Cayman! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by and even in awe of the vibrant colored birds, the unique shapes of their bodies and beaks, and even at their symphony of sounds and calls!

Relax on the serene beach- Venture to South Hole Sound Lagoon and enjoy a quiet dip in the clear, turquoise sea and a tranquil sunbathing experience. Don’t forget to bring your favorite book!

Go kayaking- Take a kayak out for the day and cruise around the island, taking in the fresh and sultry sea air and the peaceful, undisturbed life along the coastline (and even the lively creatures below you!).

Bicycle or scooter around the island- Little Cayman has just one main road that “coasts” along the coastline of the entire island. You can either bike, scooter, or drive around the island on this one road, taking in the beautiful views along the way.

While you can drive, we recommend biking or scooting because it’s a significantly more intimate and rewarding experience. Be sure to look out for those rock iguanas crossing, though, as they have the right of way!

Are you ready to take a more serious look at Little Cayman land for sale or other such properties? We are happy to help you find your Cayman home whenever you are ready!

If you have any further questions about Little Cayman land for sale or homes, condos, or other properties on the Cayman Islands, give us a call at 345-949-5250 or send us an email at We can’t wait to get started on the hunt for your dream island home!