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What makes FIN Grand Cayman “the last word in luxury”? Real Estate Developer Mike Ryan explains
26 April
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What makes FIN Grand Cayman “the last word in luxury”? Real Estate Developer Mike Ryan explains

Michael Ryan, a world-renowned developer, redefined luxury in the Cayman Islands fifteen years ago with the development of the Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman Resort, a sanctuary for elegance and indulgence. The tremendous success of the project unleashed Seven Mile Beach's vast potential and increased its real estate value by 300%. During the development of The Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman, Mike Ryan forged an important friendship with local real estate entrepreneur Dale Crighton, whose expertise was significant in designing the luxury amenities and style expected in the Cayman Islands. 

Mike and Dale's two-decade-long friendship would move on to play an essential part in reshaping luxury in the Caribbean, and in 2014 they decided to embark on a new project together. Their latest endeavor, FIN Grand Cayman, is a modern approach to lux living. Founded on location, design, and service principles, FIN sets out to reshape luxury in infinite ways, creating new standards in design, quality, services, and amenities.

An unbeatable location fuses with an iconic style

Appealing to the nostalgia of the past, FIN Grand Cayman embraces the region's history through a modern take on Art-Deco architecture. The drama and passion of this particular style blend with the casual elegance of everyday Caribbean living, creating the perfect inspiration for these residences. 

The extraordinary location and design of this project produce a magnificent fusion between the soft and serene tones of the building and the vibrant ocean-front palette. Its refined rooms are filled with light, mesmerizing hues of pristine water, and a sense of calm and peace. With just one glimpse, FIN Grand Cayman is an invitation to connect with your senses and embrace having the ocean as your backyard. 

Mike ryan

The outstanding design follows a clear guiding principle: provide everything the owners could wish for. Every possible service is accounted for in FIN's development in Grand Cayman, based on a platform where owners pay only for what they use.

Every residence at FIN is unique and completely individualized. Each of the 36 customizable units has its own elevator access, allowing maximum privacy. FIN Grand Cayman's luxury lies in the seamless way in which innovation and convenience are designed to maximize privacy and security for each residence.

High-end amenities & lifestyle

Real luxury has significantly matured in the last decade. It has evolved from solely focusing on location, materials, or amenities and transcended into superior one-of-a-kind experiences, top-notch comforts, and intuitive assistance in anticipating needs.

Health, safety, and wellness are also nowadays considered the ultimate luxury. Therefore, the health and wholeness of your every day are a fundamental pillar of FIN's grand lifestyle. The decades of experience along with an intimate knowledge of the refined lifestyle FIN owners are accustomed to, allows for an amenity and service platform that rivals some of the world’s most celebrated resorts.

Opulence has become about enhancing every detail of your life, and FIN Grand Cayman offers just that. Enjoy a private fleet of Teslas and boats, relax with 24/7 concierge and security services, and unwind with maid and laundry services, babysitting, and dog walking. Delve into oenophilia with FIN's private wine storage and sommelier service. Float in the glass-bottom pool overlooking the ocean or relish in FIN's private beach and saltwater lagoon. Find balance with our exclusive health programs and enjoy outstanding fitness facilities such as virtual workouts with MIRROR, or a spa treatment room for a post-workout massage. Allow your health to become your priority, and consult with the in-house wellness expert for customized fitness plans and personal culinary nutrition. 

Mike ryan developer

Freedom and flexibility: the epitome of luxury

Flexibility is indeed a luxury in a world in its second year of a pandemic. The ability to choose and change your plans feels extravagant in a world where uncertainty seems to have become a rule. With its multiple partnerships and in-house options, your investment in FIN Grand Cayman can become whatever you need it to.

Welcoming the genuine luxury of letting go for those who rent their property on a short- or long-term basis, FIN offers an in-house property management team that will remove the hassle of leasing out your property. This boutique-style property management service enables residents to design a rental program that works for them while going off-grid for weeks at a time.

As a strategic businessman, Mike Ryan understood the value of flexibility and ensured exclusive memberships and preferential rates with THIRDHOME and Mantis Travel Clubs. In doing so, FIN provides its residents a chance to explore the world, easing the burden of planning.

Leaving your worries behind with the secure knowledge that the FIN Property Management Team dutifully manages your property and an advanced access control system is the epitome of luxury. FIN's smart security systems are custom-designed for the unique property. They provide the ultimate power to each homeowner to control access to the building, their residence, or the property’s common areas.

Mike ryan grand cayman

Mike Ryan and Dale Crighton build a team that goes above and beyond

Behind every great project, there's a great team. So when Michael Ryan and Dale Crighton's partnered to create a unique residential project, their team had to be impeccable.

Michael Ryan, founder of Silverfin Developement Company and the past Chairman of the Cayman Islands National Investment Council, has helped turn many Cayman Islands projects into elegant realities. He is forever invested in the success of these islands. His efforts have taken him to be on the boards of the Private Finance Initiative Oversight Committee, the Cayman Islands Investment Council, and the Planning Review Committee.

Similarly, Dale Crighton is one of the premier developers in the Cayman Islands and past Chairman of the Trade and Business Licensing Board. He has also been a member of the Planning Appeals Tribunal and is a past president of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association. In Mike Ryan's words, an important part of having him as a partner is the confidence that the vision, design, and amenities will be spectacular and that the delivery of the product will be everything it is supposed to be and more.

An “A” Team would be incomplete with you an award-winning architect.  Michael Ryan had worked previously with Trevor Morriss from SPPARC in London, England, on the redesign of One Portsoken. Morriss’ grand designs and fluid aesthetics were the right fit, and he successfully brought Ryan and Crighton’s art deco vision to life.

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Final considerations

Luxury is no longer associated with the location, square footage, or views of a property. Luxury has evolved into something new, more intrinsic to the human experience. It has begun revolving around personalized, authentic, and higher-level moments. Now more than ever, true luxury comes from experiencing something breathtaking, memorable, and personal. The ease of knowing every comfort, need, and detail you will require is taken care of; that's the essence of FIN Grand Cayman.

Let yourself be drawn into FIN's outstanding design, breathtaking location, dream-like amenities, and captivating experiences. Let the sweeping flexibility of its premises and services free you from worries or troubles and engage in true luxury by embracing absolute freedom. Get more information about FIN Grand Cayman here or check out here the incredible luxury properties listings we have at Crighton Properties.