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Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate
13 July
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Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate

An island lifestyle often looks like a fantasy for many people who live on the mainland. For them, owning real estate in a destination like the Cayman Islands is perhaps a dream come true. So, if you have invested your time, effort and money to buy a piece of property in Cayman you can call home, then why not take a little more effort and look out for home décor options that will suit your Cayman Islands real estate in the best possible manner.

It’s not always essential to hire a professional interior designer to decorate your Cayman Islands home. At the same time, you can look into some home décor ideas and options yourself to make your house look more beautiful and gorgeous than ever. In spite of investing a huge amount to buy a Cayman property, many folks do not go beyond giving the walls of their homes more than just a basic coat of paint. Many never even bother to change the colour of their walls, thereby making their homes look drab and boring. Alternatively, you can involve a little creativity and bring about a wonderful way to your home décor. Some of the best home décor ideas that can you can work out yourself are described below:

Wall Colours

Since the Cayman Islands are located in a tropical environment and are gifted with warm sunshine all year around, choose wall colours that will complement the natural scenery of the islands. You can use lighter colours, which will give your room the appearance of being larger. In case you have larger rooms, you might need additional help and extra hardware to complete your wall colour job. Nevertheless, vibrant wall colours add a touch of exuberance to your Cayman home.

Wall Paper
Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate - Image 1
Typical Use of Wallpaper

Wall paper is back in fashion and in Cayman the demand for wallpaper has definitely increased. You can easily choose between contemporary, metallic, geometric and other patterns and also request professional installation services.

Green Décor

You can always go green with your home décor plans for your Cayman home. Since greenery abounds in the Cayman Islands, your home décor can also include elements of greenery such as indoor plants, potted shrubs, vases with flowers and such. Go ahead with landscaping the garden around your house. Alternatively, you might like the concept of interior-scaping, which means that you include natural elements such as plants and other greenery as part of your home décor plans. Many nurseries exist in Cayman that will help you take your plans in this direction forward. This will make your house more cheerful and lively.

A Children’s Bedroom

If you have children, then you will need to use a little more creativity while doing the décor for these rooms. Since most children are very active, you can use colourful combinations and avoid monochromatic colours. Use gorgeous colours that will give space and life to this room. Some people like to avoid bluish or grey tones in these rooms to avoid a monotonous and uninteresting theme.

Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate - Image 2
A Children’s Bedroom
Master Bedrooms

The bedroom of your Cayman home can reflect the laid back and serene lifestyle here. Your bedroom décor can add a lot of charm and éclat depending upon how you style and furnish it. These days, eco-friendly is in style, so your bedroom can include home décor elements that are fashionable and environmentally friendly at the same time. You can add natural elements to your bedroom so that you feel more relaxed here than in any other part of your house. Lighter bedroom linen can lend your bedroom a more relaxed feeling. Cushions and curtains can add to the element of luxury while being a visual treat to your eyes.

Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate - Image 3
An Elegant Bedroom Decor

Besides, you feel surrounded by a calm and serene feeling of happiness and contentment. Caymanians usually prefer custom bedding, so you can complement your bedroom décor with bedding that is harmonizing and overall soothing. You can easily choose from duvets, coverlets, comforters, or bedspreads, which can inspire peacefulness and relaxation. Pillows, shams, and other bedroom accessories can add to the wonder and beauty of your bedroom.

Home Flooring

Especially in Cayman, natural materials make your floor come alive and make them look more durable and enduring. Porcelain tiles are extremely fashionable here because of their low maintenance needs and better resistance to wear and tear.

Top Home Decor Options for Cayman Islands Real Estate - Image 4
A Vinyl Flooring with Wooden Finish

Other options include mosaic flooring, laminate, wooden flooring, and vinyl, which are equally popular in Cayman. Many homes also now sport wooden and bamboo flooring as a sophisticated alternative, so you can try and include these as part of your home décor.

Blinds and Shutters

These days, blinds are extremely popular in Cayman and they are available in a variety of options that help improve your home décor and complement with your way of life. You can choose Venetian or horizontal blinds that come in either real or faux wood. Alternatively, you can choose roman shades that will give lend a soft look for your home. While these can be made from just about any fabric, you can choose from countless options of blinds which include bamboo and woven wood blind options and plantation shutters.

Draperies and Curtains

Draperies and Curtains are extremely fashionable in Cayman, so make sure you include them as your home décor. Go for bespoke draperies and curtains that will help you soften your décor as well as frame your windows elegantly. Pleated and ripple-fold curtains are especially popular here.

So, when you come back to your Cayman home to relax island style, make sure that your retreat is fit and apt to receive you. Get your home décor in proper shape and enjoy while you stay in Cayman!