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The Perks of Living in a Seven Mile Beach Condo
15 June
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The Perks of Living in a Seven Mile Beach Condo

Despite the run on housing that we’ve been experiencing over the bulk of the last year, now is still a great time to invest in property in the Cayman Islands, where you can find it. The Cayman Islands impose no restrictions on foreign ownership and the Islands are also tax-neutral.

But the stereotypical dream of owning a house is not for everyone. For some, owning a condo near the water is the real dream. Many people consider a condo on the beautiful Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands to be one of the most desirable locations to call home.

There is a multitude of Seven Mile Beach condos available that offer prospective buyers quite a range of draws, including some of the following.

Things to Do in and Around Seven Mile Beach

If you invest in a Seven Mile Beach condo, you’ll of course have the most obvious advantage of proximity to Seven Mile Beach itself. They say that location is the most valuable asset in real estate, as it can’t be changed. With that in mind, being near Seven Mile Beach will afford you some of the following luxuries.

  1. The obvious - soak up the rays

The most obvious advantage of having your own Seven Mile Beach condo is in the nearness to the beach itself. Seven Mile Beach has tons of frontage and the beach itself is free and has many public access points. If you love the beach in general, then a spot of your own along Seven Mile Beach will be a delight, especially since the Cayman Islands receive generally warm and sunny weather throughout the year.

  1. Enjoy watersports

There are many watersports and other activities you can enjoy around Seven Mile Beach. There are numerous charter ventures that will take you out for a day of fishing or just to enjoy the water, as well as diving and snorkeling opportunities, sailing, parasailing adventures and so much more.

You don’t necessarily need to enlist the help of a guide or a professional. As a resident, you can enjoy sailing, boating, diving and fishing on your own time at your leisure - just because you’re near the water! There are also a number of marinas in the area where you can moor your vessel.

  1. Visit George Town

Seven Mile Beach is just a stone’s throw from George Town, which lies only a few kilometers to the south. The Capital of the Cayman Islands, George Town provides no shortage of cultural interests, dining and shopping and much more. George Town actually maintains a number of duty-free shops as well.

  1. Culture and history at their finest

The Cayman Islands have a rich cultural heritage that spans back hundreds of years. Today that culture is alive and the traces of history can be seen in everything Caymanian. From sites like the Pedro St. James Castle (not particularly close to Seven Mile Beach, but still very interesting!) to the Cayman Islands National Museum, there’s no dearth of sites to explore.

Art lovers will also enjoy the Cayman National Gallery, which showcases historically, culturally significant works of art that span the islands’ history. It’s in George Town, so it’s not too far from Seven Mile Beach, and admission is free!

Perks of Condo Ownership, Specifically

The fact that there’s so much to do isn’t necessarily tied to owning a Seven Mile Beach condo. It has to do with the location. All the same, condo ownership is desirable to many buyers, for some of the following reasons:

  • Amenities - The amenities to which condo owners have access will vary according to association, but many condos come with shared amenities that encourage community living.
  • Low maintenance - Some don’t appreciate the fact that you need to pay HOA fees when you purchase a condo. For others, it’s a blessing knowing that the association will take care of a lot of your condo’s maintenance.
  • Community living - In some ways, condo living is like more private apartment living. There’s a sense of community built right in!
  • Proximity to points of interest - Condos are often close to points of interest, and Seven Mile Beach condos are exemplary from that. They’re near both Seven Mile Beach and George Town!

Call Us to Get Started

Interested in learning more about what opportunities lie before you as a prospective purchaser of a condo or a home near Seven Mile Beach? Give us a call at 345-949-5250 or email us at, and we’d be happy to help.

We know the Cayman Islands - we’ve been assisting prospective buyers in our market for almost 50 years, and we’d be thrilled to see you accomplish your goal of homeownership here - but that starts with a call or email!