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The 6 Key Benefits of Cayman Real Estate

Tammy Crighton-Buck  |  July 29, 2020

The 6 Key Benefits of Cayman Real Estate

The Cayman Islands stand out as one of the fastest-growing areas of the Caribbean for both tourism and relocation, and this comes at no surprise. With the array of benefits that owning Cayman real estate affords, it seems more than likely that this trend will only continue.

Between the excellent location in relation to the US, stable economy that shows signs of future growth, and a vast selection of gorgeous properties to choose from, there’s certainly something for everyone here in this tropical paradise. The Cayman Islands had been thriving and showing signs of growth before the recent global economic slowdown, and by investing in some high-quality real estate here, you will be taking advantage of the numerous benefits that owning such property has to offer.

Depending on what you are looking for in terms of real estate, whether you are interested in settling down for a new life in the heart of the Caribbean, or you are simply interested in a worthwhile investment and a connection to a rich culture, you are sure to find it in the Caymans. From beautiful vacation properties to cozy condos and brand new luxury homes, there are beautiful units that will attend to all of your specific needs.

If you are somewhat unfamiliar with what life is like in the Caymans or if you are interested in learning a bit more about the perks of owning real estate here, you’re in the right place. This guide will cover the 6 key benefits to investing in Cayman real estate, along with other pointers and reasons why this might be just the place you’re looking for.

Wide Range of Properties and Locations

Perhaps one of the first things that stands out about the real estate market in the Cayman Islands is the great variety of options available. With several distinct areas to choose from on Grand Cayman, each with their own unique benefits, style, beachfront options, and other important factors to consider, there truly is a vast variety that will suit a multitude of tastes.

For excitement and vibrant beachside nightlife, the Western end of Grand Cayman centering around the Seven Mile Beach and George Town areas are optimal choices. Elsewhere on the island, you may find a variety of other options including simpler homes and plots of land perfectly suited for development and fine investments.

Throughout the entirety of Grand Cayman you will note the variety of different kinds of housing for sale, which means that ultimately you can be sure that regardless of your particular needs or interests, you will find something here that matches your tastes. From luxury condos facing the beach to comfortable cottages and everything in between, all in close proximity to state-of-the-art amenities, there’s no reason why you can’t locate a property that lines up with your vision or investment needs.

Great Investment Opportunities

For the intrepid investor or family looking toward the future, the Cayman Islands is certainly a viable location to seek different kinds of potentially valuable properties. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership on properties, and the market, in general, is robust and has remained stable for quite some time, which is also important for anyone worried about where they are putting their money. The Cayman’s offer a diverse assortment of interesting investment options, including ideal plots of land which you could use as a starting point for your own ventures down the road.

In terms of properly supported and managed financial and banking systems in the Caribbean, the Cayman Islands are just what you are looking for. Even if you are looking for a place to settle down and investment properties aren’t your focus at the moment, it’s important to know that if you settle in the Caymans, you will have fertile opportunities open to you and your family.

There is no shortage of ways to invest your money, regardless of what country you live in or whether or not your economy is booming. However, if you’re searching for something that’s a bit more stable and has the historical growth numbers to back it up, the Cayman Islands is where you want to look. Real estate and development trends here were on the rise up until very recently and are expected to pick back up once international tourism picks up again. For those looking for a place to settle down, that won’t suffocate you with a stagnant economy, or simply for a sound place to invest your money, there are certainly opportunities to capitalize on here in the Caymans.

High Growth Potential

As far as investment opportunities in the Caribbean are concerned, the Cayman Islands are situated nicely for growth. With a very stable government, the tourist industry, a high degree of safety, and the aforementioned favorable variety of different investment opportunities, everything is lining up for the Caymans to see continuous growth for the foreseeable future once the global economy returns to normal.

Throughout the Caribbean, growth is evident and has been on the rise for the past few years, but nowhere has this growth been more obvious than in the Cayman Islands. With a comfortable climate, a diverse array of properties and plots of land from which to choose from, as well as the numerous financial benefits of living here, there seems to be plenty of evidence to indicate that the Caymans are a sure investment if you’re looking toward the future.

Modern Infrastructure

One of the other substantial benefits of the Cayman Islands is its beautiful modern infrastructure. Despite its location in the middle of the Caribbean and relatively small size, you will never be without the creature comforts of the mainland. Sporting some of the best hospitals, roads, schools, public transportation, airports, and Internet services in the entirety of the Caribbean, The Cayman Islands is the premier location for anyone wanting to settle down in the tropics without letting go of modern amenities.

This availability of modern infrastructure is important to note for several reasons and is a key element as to why the Caymans are so inviting. While envisioning your new life in the Caribbean, there’s nothing wrong with wanting the best of both worlds. Picturesque coastlines with secluded beaches and crystal clear waters mixed with five-star hotels, indulgent restaurants, reliable roads, and medical facilities, and safe neighborhoods in which to raise a family and settle down in.

If this sounds like your idea of the perfect tropical life, it’s made possible in the Caymans through their expertly managed infrastructure overseen by a healthy government and thriving business landscape. People from all around the world have been attracted to the Cayman Islands for a myriad of reasons, including the culture, the scenery, the beaches, the business opportunities, and even the diving. The islands have a lot to offer both in terms of natural beauty and luxury living, which means you’re not likely to want for anything.

In fact, living in the Caymans can be an enriching and deeply satisfying experience. With plenty of high-end boutiques, supermarkets, cafes, hotels, and other facilities, along with the infrastructure to back it all up, you will find that life in the Caymans will meet all of your expectations and provide you with what you need. Not only is this an incredible place to visit, but it’s also perfectly suited for settling down in and creating a home. The Caymans have everything you need in order to craft the life you want, which is one of the reasons why it’s seeing so much attention lately.

Proximity to the States

Proximity to the States

Convenience is a massive factor when it comes to any life-changing decision, regardless of what kind of decision that may be. Whether you are purchasing a new car, renting a new apartment, or completely changing the country you live in, in favor of tropical bliss, you always want to factor convenience into the equation.

The Cayman Islands are practical and convenient for a multitude of reasons. Regardless of where you live on Grand Cayman, you’re never very far from great public transportation, incredible restaurants, beautiful beaches, and state-of-the-art medical facilities. Yet they are also highly convenient in a way you may not have previously considered: their proximity to the United States compared to other Caribbean islands.

While the costs to fly back to the States can be somewhat expensive, it’s quite easy to fly from the Cayman Islands back to the mainland US, which is a massive draw for anyone who expects to occasionally hop back onto the mainland for business purposes, or to visit friends and family for special holidays or events. Depending on the location, it can be downright bothersome to travel to and from the States from certain Caribbean islands.

You may be thinking, “why would I need to travel back to the States if the Caymans have everything I need?” but truth be told, there are several reasons, and having the option in case the need arises or you have an emergency situation. The Cayman’s are centrally located in the Caribbean, providing relatively easy access to Jamaica, Haiti, the Bahamas, and Mexico as well.

Regardless of what you ultimately decide to do and how often you will be traveling around, it’s important to know that you have the option to if you reside here. The Cayman Islands make it easy to get around not only on the islands themselves, but back and forth to the mainland as well if need be, a huge benefit for anyone looking to venture around for business, entertainment, or familial obligations.

Exciting and Fulfilling Lifestyle

The last and perhaps most obvious benefit to investing in Cayman real estate is simply the dynamic and beautiful lifestyle that you can enjoy while living here. Between the fantastic Seven Mile Beach, various diving and snorkeling activities, surfing, boating, sightseeing, clubs, and other activities available to you, there’s always something enriching to experience.

Living a fast-paced, exciting lifestyle may not be for everyone, and if that’s the case, you can experience the relaxing, cozier side of the Caymans as well. There are plenty of areas where you can be fully at peace, with high-end spas, sailing cruises, and various other amenities you can enjoy; you will always have a way to enjoy yourself if intense physical activities don’t appeal to you.

More so than the activities and various venues to explore and enjoy, the Cayman Islands simply afford a high level of fulfillment and satisfying living that people seem to love. Whether it’s the proximity to the ocean and splendor of Seven Mile Beach, or the rich history and unique culture, there are quite a few reasons why life here will allow you to relax and find contentment like nowhere else.

If all of this sounds like exactly what you want out of a new life and you are interested in investing in some Cayman Islands real estate of your own, we can help connect you with a property that suits your particular needs and matches your desires. We here at Crighton Properties Ltd. are a family-owned and operated real estate company specializing in high-quality properties in the Cayman Islands, and excel at helping our customers find what they are looking for.

Whether you are seeking a few investment properties in the Caribbean and want to be sure you’re utilizing your money wisely on worthwhile real estate, or you are actively seeking to settle in the area and need accurate firsthand information on the best properties available for you and your family, we can help. You can easily get in touch with us by calling 345-949-5250 or by sending us an email at If you want to experience the benefits of the Caymans yourself, call us up and we’ll work with you to make it happen.


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