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Seven Mile Beach Condos: Where to Start Your Search
17 September
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Seven Mile Beach Condos: Where to Start Your Search

Seven Mile Beach is one of the most popular and developed areas of the Cayman Islands. This is why it comes as no surprise why tourists from all over the world flock to Grand Cayman to get a feel of what the best the Caribbean has to offer and eventually fall in love.

If you’ve considered looking for your own slice of heaven in the Cayman Islands, Crighton Properties is here to help. We specialize in a variety of different kinds of properties throughout the Cayman Islands, including luxury condominiums. Surely, Seven Mile Beach condos would be at the top of your list if you are interested in living here.

Whether you are looking to live in the Cayman Islands or if you are an investor looking for a lucrative opportunity, read on!

Why Seven Mile Beach?

At Crighton Properties, we encourage our clients to have a full understanding of what property searching and buying can entail. So let us tell you what sets Seven Mile Beach apart.

Award-Winning Location

The beach has been named by Caribbean Travel + Life as one of the Ultimate Beaches in the region, awarded 4th Best Beach in the Caribbean by Trip Advisor, and the 12th Best Beach in the world by MSN. These accolades boast of its beauty and appeal. A place’s aesthetic appeal may not be enough to actually make the serious leap into buying or investing in property, but it certainly does play a part!

Impressive Re-sale Value

In connection to being globally recognized as a top tourist destination with stunning beach views, you can rest assured that your purchase, whether for personal or business use will have high returns.

Being in the most developed region of the island also adds to its value because of its prime location. Its expansive waterfront and extensive offerings of activities and entertainment will surely continue to grow making it a bustling area perfect for settling in.

The Benefits of Condos Over Traditional Homes

You may be asking yourself, “If it’s so nice to buy property on Seven Mile Beach then shouldn’t I invest in or buy a traditional home with a house and lot?” Well, this is a classic case of bigger isn’t always better. 

Let Crighton Properties shed some light on how Seven Mile Beach condos would be the better choice over a traditional home.

Cost Efficient

Surprisingly, there are a lot of aspects in home ownership that add up to a substantial amount. Buying a home means paying for the land and its upkeep. That means all costs for repairs and upgrades will come out of your pocket.

On the other hand, condominiums offer a livable space in a prime location that comes with property management! One less thing to worry about and spend on.


If you were to purchase a home, you’re likely to be located in a suburban neighborhood. That means you’d need a mode of transportation- whether it’s a car, motorcycle, or a bicycle-that's an added cost you don’t have to worry about when you live within walking distance of everything.

The best part? Seven Mile Beach condos are on another level. Not only will it be a stone’s throw away from one of the world’s top beaches, but it’s also close to museums, parks and more family activities! So whether you’re looking to settle down or offer a prime property rental, luxury condos can offer both!

Live Your Best Life in the Cayman Islands

When they said heaven is a place on earth, they meant the Cayman Islands! A growing community and continuously developing regions, living here would mean enjoying the finest that the Caribbean has to offer. Truly, for anyone looking to experience what tropical beach living is all about, Seven Mile Beach will not disappoint.


There is something for everyone in the Cayman Islands. Live your best life knowing you can work at your best being in a slice of heaven and you are close to everything you need!

Its growing economy and popularity offers people from all walks of life the possibility to grow with them.


Treat yourself and live the life you’ve always wanted. The Cayman Islands’ impressive offerings of beautiful beaches, rich culture, and unparalleled ambience are perfect for thrill seekers and families alike.

Need Help? Contact Us

If you are ready to get your own Seven Mile Beach condo but don’t know where to begin, Crighton Properties is the right place to start. This is our specialty! Contact us today and talk to one of our agents to get you started on your search for your next luxury home at Seven Mile Beach. We will be able to walk you through the entire process and help you find a property that aligns with your preferences.