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02 December
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Tip 1 for Home Sellers - Think like a Business Person

Think Like A Business Person

Think like a business person. Don’t be so in love with your home that you ignore what buyers are looking for. Your personal taste is less important than making your house desirable to the widest number of people.

Tip 2 for Home Sellers - Stand out from the Competition

Stand Out From The Competition

Make your property stand out from the competition by pricing your property at true market value and leave a little room for negotiations.

Tip 3 for Home Sellers - Be Creative and Imaginative

Be Creative And Imaginative

Be creative and imaginative when showing your home. It should be warm and friendly. Some sellers have fresh baked cookies in the oven when realtors come to show their home. Buyers won’t be just looking at the physical structure; they’ll respond to how it makes them feel. You want people to walk in and imagine they are already living there. You want the house to have emotional appeal. Whether you’re looking to conduct an Open House or simply want to help your realtor present your house in the best light, it’s necessary to view it from the eyes of a buyer. Any money spent in this area may result in increased profits and a faster sale.