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Little Cayman Land for Sale: About Some of the Attractions of Little Cayman
22 December
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Little Cayman Land for Sale: About Some of the Attractions of Little Cayman

The aptly named Little Cayman is the smallest and least populous of the Cayman Islands we call home. Just ten miles long and hardly one mile wide, Little Cayman is a paradise for those who love nature and simple, quiet, island living.

The island is home to fewer than 300 permanent residents and electricity and phone service didn’t even arrive on the island until 1990 and 1991, respectively. Consequently, the small size and quiet scope of Little Cayman make life there markedly different from life on Grand Cayman.

That doesn’t discourage investors from seeking Little Cayman land for sale. Quite the contrary; in fact, the laid-back, toned-down nature of life on Little Cayman is precisely the reason the island is so attractive to certain buyers.

Here’s a little bit about what the natural attractions and different areas of Little Cayman do have to offer.

Life Unplugged: A Nature Lover’s Paradise

What Little Cayman lacks in development, it makes up for in spades in terms of natural attractions, in which the island abounds. One does not need to travel far over Little Cayman to get up close and personal with some of these famous sights and scenes.

The island is predominantly forest, shrubland, and mangrove wetlands, and is rich in plant life and wildlife, ranging from avian life to iguanas.

At the west end of the island lies West End Lighthouse, which offers beautiful sunset and seaward vistas. Nearby, only slightly to the east, are the Westerly Ponds, which consist of pools among ironshore rock. The Westerly Ponds offer bird lovers a great chance to become well-acquainted with Little Cayman’s diverse neotropical migrants and waterbirds.

Also in the area are the Preston Bay Boardwalk and the Salt Rock Nature Trail, which historically was the principle right of way between Blossom Village and Salt Rock Dock. Today, the trail (which is perfect for beginners) allows visitors and residents a window into Little Cayman’s diverse tropical botanical, avian, and entomological life.

To the northeast of the East End Point Lighthouse are Spot Bay Pond and Bloody Bay. Spot Bay Pond has a viewing area and Bloody Bay offers some of the most exhilarating diving in all of the Cayman Islands.

Bloody Bay Marine Park is home to Bloody Bay Wall, a drop-off that slopes down steeply from 20 feet to more than 1,000 feet. This dive, though it offers excellent views of coral and sealife, should only be attempted by experienced divers and strong swimmers.

Further east along the north shore of Little Cayman are Jackson’s Pond and the Grape Tree Ponds. Jackson’s Pond is a mangrove-ringed pond that is rich in bird life and perfect for photographers. The Grape Tree Ponds are similarly abundant in opportunities for bird watchers and photographers and feature a viewing platform.

Continuing towards the east, past Snipe Point, one will come to the Sink Holes Viewing Area, which offers beautiful views over the karstic limestone shrubland at the eastern end of the island.

Just south is the East End Point Lighthouse, which offers beautiful seaward views, like the West End Lighthouse - except the eastern end is for morning people and offers spectacular views of the sunrise.

Just south of that is the Point of Sand, which is home to one of the finest beaches on Little Cayman, and is perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and simply lounging on the beach. Sandy Point Pond, just west of Point of Sand, also offers excellent views.

Traveling back west along the South Shore of Little Cayman, one will come to the Easterly Ponds and Coot Marsh. The Easterly Ponds offer opportunities for birdwatchers, as does Coot Marsh, which is a freshwater wetland.

Both the south shore and Tarpon Lake offer abundant opportunities for fishermen - particularly fly fishermen, who chase bonefish tailing on the shallow flats and tarpon in the mangroves. Little Cayman offers world-class fishing, and Tarpon Lake even offers a boat dock.

South Hole Sound, a sheltered harbor along Little Cayman’s south shore, offers numerous opportunities for birdwatchers, sailors, boaters, fishermen, and anyone else who loves watersports.

Continuing east towards Blossom Village will bring travelers to Booby Pond, a 43-hectare salt lagoon and RAMSAR site that is a crucial breeding and overwintering site for numerous avian species. Notably, it is home to 250 magnificent frigatebirds and over 20,000 red-footed boobies, making it the largest booby colony in the Caribbean.

Start Your Search for Little Cayman Land for Sale Here with Us

Among those familiar with its bounteous beautiful sights and scenes, Little Cayman hardly needs an introduction. If your search for Little Cayman land for sale stems from the appreciation for the natural land and laid-back living, there is hardly a better place in the world.

It might just be our best-kept secret, but we’ll let you in on it. If you’re looking for Little Cayman land for sale, trust us to help you find a place where you can carve out your own slice of paradise and make your home away from home.

We’re a member of CIREBA and have helped prospective buyers like you find their own little pieces of paradise since the 1970s. If you want to learn more about Cayman Islands real estate listings or specifically, properties in Little Cayman, get in touch with us today at 345-949-5250.