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Guide to moving with kids into your new Cayman Home

Tammy Crighton-Buck  |  July 07, 2016

Guide to moving with kids into your new Cayman Home


It might so happen that you or your spouse has found a new job in the Cayman Islands and you are extremely excited to be here. However, you might have a potential issue, moving your kids into your new Cayman home. Why not read further to help you and your kids move into your new home without any hassles.

If you are moving into a new Cayman residential property, chances are that you might not be in a very comfortable situation, as you will have a lot of unpacking and settling in to do. The situation can become very stressful for you as an adult, not to speak about your family or your little kids. Things can become even more awry if your child is a baby, toddler, or Pre-schooler. Even if your children are older, they could find it difficult to move into a completely new environment such as a new neighborhood, new friends, a new school, and most of all completely unfamiliar surroundings.

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  • Coping with Stress and Anxiety

    Despite the high standards of living that exist in the Cayman Islands and the availability of many sophisticated amenities here, moving into your new Cayman residential property can be as stressful for your child as it is for you. At first, you will need overcome any panic or anxiety you may have of moving into a new home in a new country. Although you might feel excited at the same time, you need to control your emotions and feelings and help your kids settle in as well.

  • Kids will be kids and they might run around the new house before all their belongings are unpacked. Hence, it is a good idea to keep a few toys handy or unpack a few toys first. This will give you some extra time to organize and settle in while the kids immerse themselves in playing with the toys.

  • After a long haul, especially from overseas, you can expect the kids to be hungry and tired. Additionally, the jetlag can cause problems in getting some sleep and much needed rest. Kids can get cranky and irritable on an empty stomach, so keep some snacks or fruits handy while you settle down in your new home. In case of toddlers or babies, keeping some milk and cereal on hand is advisable.

  • It is a good idea to keep things like bathroom basics such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and toilet paper separately packed so they are available when needed. The same idea applies for items such as paper towels, disposable plates, a change of clothes and plastic bags for used laundry. Keep things like fresh bottled water, a flashlight and a medical kit within reach. You might even notice that your toddler or pre-schooler tends to cling to you while you unpack or get busy with the initial chores, so if possible ask an older sibling or your spouse to mind the toddler while you try to settle in.

  • Once you move into your new home, the unfamiliarity of the surroundings may cause your children to avoid sleeping at all. They often miss their own familiar surroundings, their games, friends, and other amenities they were familiar. With older children might start dreading their new school or refuse to socialize with neighbors or new friends. The anxiety they feel can sometimes be very overwhelming. Your role as a parent will be to help your child settle down in his new and unfamiliar surroundings, starting first from his or her very room. Cayman is home to many friendly neighborhoods so getting along should not be a problem.

  • Start by first asking your child to unpack his or her own toys and personal belongings themselves. This will help your child find some familiarity in his or her own belongings and feel less anxious. Some younger children may start whining and fretting that they want to get back to their old homes. However, you need to be patient and handle them tactfully. Allow your kids to express their angst and feelings instead of letting them bottle it up inside. Since the folks in Cayman are very friendly and the overall scene is quite relaxed, your kids should comfortably fit in to the culture and society here.

  • Acknowledge they will miss their old friends and familiar places, but be optimistic about what lies ahead and try to create an exciting feeling about being with new people, a new school, and new surroundings such as a museum, park or the beach that await visiting and exploring. Alternatively get your child a new pet if the house owners permit. Places like the Seven Mile Beach, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and Starfish Point are worth visiting!

  • Once you have settled down explore the new surroundings along with your kids. For example, you might want to drive your children by their new school or would like to enroll them in activities such as sports, music lessons, or children’s clubs. You can also ask your Cayman Real estate company to help you discover the right activities your kids could enjoy. They offer many activities for kids such as snorkeling, diving, sailing, volleyball, water sports, indoor sports, parks, kids summer camps, and many others, so go ahead and discover them!

  • If you live in a neighbourhood, take a walk around to familiarize yourself with the new neighbours and help your children interact with other kids in the vicinity. You could even invite your neighbours over so you and your kids can become acquainted with them. Let your kids mingle and make new friends. The community on the island is extremely friendly and make great neighbours. So you can expect a warm welcome to the new neighbourhood.

    Finally, maintain ties with your old community while involving yourself with your new surroundings. Join societies such as the sports club, the YMCA, or simply become a member of the local library. This will give you plenty of opportunities to interact with the Cayman community. Good Luck!


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