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Grand Cayman Real Estate for Sale: Best Places to Live
04 January
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Grand Cayman Real Estate for Sale: Best Places to Live

Thinking about making your New Year’s resolution a commitment to finding a home away from home in the tropics, or simply an investment?

Grand Cayman real estate for sale offers a wealth of opportunities with everything from rural, East End living to homes and condos in George Town and Seven Mile Beach.

If you’re not entirely intimately familiar with Grand Cayman yet, reflect first on what type of living appeals to you and then start with this basic guide.

Then, give us a call and we will help you connect the dots.

Best for Beach-Lovers: Seven-Mile Beach Corridor

Seven Mile Beach offers a vast array of opportunities for investors as the condos along the Seven Mile Bay corridor are some of the most desired and prestigious in all of Cayman Islands real estate. Consequently, the prices correspond.

Seven Mile Beach and the immediate vicinity are home to Grand Cayman’s “entertainment district,” and many shops, restaurants, and beachside bars are in the area. For those that love beach living and island vibes, Seven Mile Beach offers a one-of-a-kind atmosphere.

It is also nearby to North Sound Golf Club as well as a stone’s throw from Camana Bay, a 685-acre planned community that is home to many full-time residents as well as shops, dining establishments, and more.

Those who choose to live in Seven Mile Beach or simply to invest there will also appreciate the fact that George Town is just a short ride to the south, and that Rum Point and North Side are easily accessible by boat across the sound.

Best for Commuters: West Bay, South Sound, Savannah, Prospect, Red Bay

One of the great things about Grand Cayman real estate for sale is that there is so much variety. There’s “urban” living - but there’s also scaled-back suburban living for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

There are many communities in Grand Cayman that are not too far from the center of George Town and make for great “suburban” living that is just a little bit removed from the hustle and bustle of the town center.

For instance, South Sound offers quiet, oceanfront living that is just a short drive from the harbour and right nearby hospitals, schools, and retail establishments.

Prospect and Red Bay are a little further away from the center of George Town and are very desirable areas to live because of the close proximity to  town and the Seven Mile Beach area. These areas also both offer a quieter suburban feel while still remaining close enough to central amenities for convenient living.  Prices here are more affordable than in the heart of George Town or Seven Mile Beach.

Savannah is another area of Grand Cayman that also offers a suburban feel. It is located just on the outskirts of the district of George Town and is a popular residential area. Prices here are also more affordable than in town or the Seven Mile Beach area. 

West Bay, all the way to the north and past Seven Mile Beach, is a little further away, but it also offers a laid-back vibe and is not too far from George Town. Thanks to West Bay’s location, Rum Point  is easily accessible over the water and Camana Bay is a short drive or boat ride away. Actually, since it’s surrounded by water on three sides and nearby Barker’s Beach, this area is perfect for those who love sailing, diving, and watersports.

Best for Those Who Like Town Living: George Town and Bodden Town

Since Grand Cayman is also home to George Town, there are plenty of opportunities for those looking to settle in a fairly urban setting.

Much of George Town is a business district, which means it is a popular location for professionals who are looking to live close to the offices in which they work. There are also a number of properties on the outskirts of town which are in the mid to high price ranges that are still close by. George Town is also popular because it offers close proximity to numerous facilities and amenities, as well as its central location which is right near Owen Roberts International Airport.

Bodden Town is the first capital city of the Cayman Islands and is a quaint town with more of a laid-back feel than George Town. Steeped in history, Bodden Town is home to Pedro St. James Castle and The Mission House, one of the island’s oldest historic sites.

 Bodden Town offers close access to modern facilities, while also being close to numerous dining establishments, its own public beach, and the Meagre Bay Pond Animal Sanctuary.

Best for Nature Lovers: East End and North Side

Last but not least, Grand Cayman offers tons of opportunities for those who are looking to experience island living at its finest: in a peaceful, quiet setting.

East End offers the greatest opportunities for living on Grand Cayman the way it used to be. It is the least developed area of the island and has plenty of land available for investors to build their dream homes. Everything on East End also operates on “island time” and there are plenty of local sights and scenes to soak up. East End is also a place to go to be amongst locals, as there are fewer tourists here, and smaller crowds (if any).

Grand Cayman’s North Side area is also relatively undeveloped and offers a similar experience to East End. That said, at the west end of North Side are Rum Point and Cayman Kai, which are slightly more developed, and which offer access to George Town, West Bay, Seven Mile Beach, and Camana Bay, over the water.

Connect with Us and Start Exploring Grand Cayman Real Estate for Sale

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