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Find the Cayman Islands Condo of Your Dreams
23 February
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Find the Cayman Islands Condo of Your Dreams

A vacation to anywhere with a tropical climate sounds like a dream, especially how hard this year has been for everyone. Unfortunately, it may not be the best time to start booking vacations, but there is never a bad time to start looking into relocating. If you’re a fan of year-round temperate tropical weather, beautiful subtropical landscapes, even more, beautiful beaches, or a place rich with history and culture, it’s within your best interest to do some research on the Caribbean islands.

However tough this year has been, it is sometimes best to take the opportunity once it’s presented itself. If you have been yearning for a change in pace, a change in lifestyle, and especially a change in scenery, now is the best time to start researching into Cayman Islands condos for sale.

Whether you’re an empty nester or a traveler of the world, it’s best to have a place you know will always be there, no matter where your adventures lie. Whether or not you’ve been accustomed to your normal traditional lifestyle and need a change or you’re a cultured traveler, a Caribbean lifestyle could certainly be of interest to you.

Despite the trickiness of traveling right now, it’s never a bad time to start planning your future endeavors, especially when deciding to invest in real estate in the destination of your dreams like the Cayman Islands. Lucky for you, current residential property owners are welcomed to the Cayman Islands with open arms.

Why Choose the Cayman Islands?

There may be a plethora of reasons why you would want a change of pace and scenery right now. Our current situations have allowed us to think about the life ahead of us. Being stuck in one place with not much to entertain ourselves with has made it impossible not to reflect on our lives right now. Maybe this time of reflection has caused a realization. If you are unhappy with the life you're living right now and can change it, why not change it?

One of the best ways to positively change your life as you know it is to relocate. Relocating to a foreign place can be quite a learning experience. Not only are you now exposed to a completely different place, but you are also now forced to immerse yourself in a new culture, with new people, and a completely different way of living you were once accustomed to.

If you need a drastic change, this is truly the best way to do it. The Cayman Islands are an especially great place to have that change. Not only will you be immersed in beautiful weather and beautiful landscapes, but your new surroundings will allow you to forget about your worries in a new place to call home. Moving to a place like the Cayman Islands will allow you to slow down from your normal hustle and bustle of your daily life. Slow down, relax, enjoy a cocktail, and simply enjoy the beauty that could be in front of you.

Choose Your Perfect Island

Not only are the Cayman Islands breathtakingly beautiful, but there is also more to them than meets the eye. The Cayman Islands are made up of three small islands just a short distance from Miami by plane. You can get all the luxuries and perks of a tropical island vacation, all year round by choosing the Cayman Islands. The three islands that make up the entire country are Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman.

Grand Cayman is the most populous and developed island of the three, home to many amazing real estate opportunities, luxury spas and hotels, and ample shopping experiences. Grand Cayman also houses many great attractions that are both fun and unique. By choosing to invest in property like a condo, you can take full advantage of what that island has to offer its residents.

If you’re a beach person, Grand Cayman is the island for you. Take a stroll on the world-famous Seven Mile Beach or find a few starfish friends at Starfish Point. If you enjoy all things nature, get in touch with your outdoorsy side by hiking through the Mastic Trail and experience the lush subtropical forests and the biodiversity of the Cayman Islands wildlife.

A great perk about Grand Cayman is the variety this island has to offer. One minute, you can be snorkeling with the stingrays at Stingray City, then next you could be shopping at some of the finest boutiques and stores in the Caribbean. Grand Cayman is occasionally referred to as the  Miami of the Caribbean for that very reason.

Cayman Brac is the second largest island and may be special for someone who enjoys all the things tropical islands have to offer. For individuals who enjoy the outdoors, Cayman Brac is home to the world-famous Bluff. Explore your adventurous side by diving into the Cayman Brac caves, take a walk through the Parrot Preserve, or visit the historic Cayman Brac Lighthouse.

Although Little Cayman is the smallest of the three islands, that doesn’t mean it’s inferior to its sister islands. Little Cayman is small, yet mighty. Traveling to Little Cayman will expose you to the beach at Point of Sand and Owen Island. The opportunities for fun and relaxation in Little Cayman are just as abundant as the other two islands!

Perks of Having Property in the Cayman Islands


If you’re a fan of year-round warm weather, then these Caribbean islands are the perfect place for you. All three islands sit in the trade-winds belt, meaning that the winds help to maintain mild temperatures throughout the year. Winter temperatures can average around 75 degrees and summer temperatures continue to stay mild at an average of 85 degrees.

You won’t be able to escape the rain, unfortunately. The rainy season is typically between September through November. No fuss, because the months with the least rainfall are between the beautiful spring months of March and April.


The locals of the Cayman Islands are extremely welcoming and friendly! What is great about the Cayman Islands is how incredibly diverse these three small islands are. Every single person comes from a different background. Although the Cayman Islands are a British territory, you can find people from all walks of life. Many native Cayman Island residents have backgrounds from Honduras, Africa, and Britain. You’ll also meet people from various countries like South Africa, South America, New Zealand, and Australia!

The people of the Cayman Islands are sure to broaden your horizons and immerse you in the beautiful cultures and customs from around the world. But don’t worry, the main language spoken around the island is English, so you can easily have a conversation with anyone around town!


The history behind the Cayman Islands goes back to Christopher Columbus. The famous voyager who discovered the U.S also fell upon these three islands in 1503. Britain took ownership of the islands in the 1600s but the first settlement wasn’t until nearly a hundred years later.

By deciding to reside in the Cayman Islands, you will be immersed in not only the culture of the Caribbean but the rich history behind the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands is home to museums such as the Cayman Islands National Museum, Little Cayman Museum, or the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands.

Real Estate Opportunities

There are ample real estate opportunities in the Cayman Islands. The real estate market is consistently growing and changing, so there will always be an opportunity to invest in Cayman Islands condos for sale. By working with a trusted real estate agency, your prospects of finding the condo of your dreams will drastically increase. Crighton Properties will be happy to assist you in all of your real estate endeavors. We have access to a variety of properties and developments each island has to offer.

Condo and Canal Front Developments

Cayman Islands real estate does not have a lack of amazing properties in the most well-known and loved developments. Especially if you’re interested in looking for condos and canal front property, we have an amazing selection of properties in each development.

Harbour Reach

This development offers European-style free form canals and is one of the most successful developments on a canal front. Featuring canal lots with seawalls and docks in a multi-use community with a range of amenities including a supermarket, pharmacy, and restaurants.

Currently, Grand Harbour is reaching Phase 2 of the development process and rapidly creating a name for itself. This development has slowly become one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Grand Cayman. This development surrounds the bright communities of South Reach, Grand Isles, and The Estates, which continues to provide the most beautiful properties in the area.


This development of luxury condominiums sits on a 400 feet area of waterfront views of George Town Harbour. By investing in this property, you get all the amenities of a five-star hotel and beautiful interior design. These condos are for someone who enjoys the finer things in life.

If you’re looking for Cayman Islands condos for sale, this is the first development to look for. This development is conveniently located in Grand Cayman, which is home to many great amenities right outside your front door. If you’re a lover of the ocean, the Caribbean Sea is only merely 50 feet away from these oceanfront condos. You will find your ocean beach access, pools, fitness centers, and much more!

The Channels

This development offers canal front homesites with strong covenants, underground utilities, and gated entry. These properties would be perfect for a family or someone looking to downsize for their vacation or second home. By choosing a property in The Channels, you can rest assured that you have made a solid investment in Cayman real estate and enjoy living on the water with the ease of access to boating activities.

Where To Go from Here

With all the knowledge you now have of the Cayman Islands, it’s best to find a trustworthy real estate firm to help you sift through all of your options. At Crighton Properties, we know the Cayman Islands. We are resident experts of the Cayman Islands and have expert knowledge of all properties located within the islands. With the variety of different developments the Cayman Islands has to offer, it can be difficult trying to narrow down which area or island would best suit you.

Being that there is so much real estate opportunity in the Cayman Islands, we are here to help you through that entire process. We always have all the necessary information and resources on hand to find the right type of condo or other property investment for you. Given our years of experience with the real estate market of the Cayman Islands, we can offer you an individualized experience to meet your needs and specifications.

For many years, the real estate professionals at Crighton Properties have shown what it means to know the real estate market of a given area. With our expertise and learned experience, we are proud to provide our customers with everything we can offer to them. No matter if you want a  canal front, beachfront, or secluded property in the Cayman Islands, we will be able to assist you to our fullest abilities.

We know the people of the Cayman Islands,  and they will surely welcome you with open arms. As a member of the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association, we have those credentials that show our customers that we know what we’re doing. No requirement from our clients is too big or too small. Our goal is to find all of our clients’ the Cayman Islands property of their dreams and we have done so for many decades.

We are open to working with our clients in any way they need, especially if you are unfamiliar with the market. By working with our experienced real estate professionals, you can trust that we will help you find the Cayman Islands property you’ve never known you wanted. Give us a call at 345-949-5250 to schedule an appointment.