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Cayman Islands Real Estate: Make Sure You Investigate These Areas
19 June
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Cayman Islands Real Estate: Make Sure You Investigate These Areas

One thing you can say about Cayman Islands real estate is that there is a wealth of opportunities for investment across our three islands, with plenty of wonderful immersive historic and cultural curiosities dispersed throughout.

The islands also offer a diverse range of different neighborhoods and districts, ranging from George Town in Grand Cayman to the much quieter West End on Cayman Brac.

Whether you’re looking for city bustle or laid-back island living at its purest, you can find it here - and these are some of the best areas to check out.

George Town

George Town, our islands’ capital, is also the financial center, a busy port, and home to the Cayman Islands National Museum.

The town is full of modern amenities, places to shop, fine dining to experience, and cultural sites, such as the ruins of Fort George, the Step Well, the Seaman’s Memorial, and the National Gallery.

George Town also offers easy access to schools, medical facilities, and Owen Roberts International Airport.

Seven Mile Beach

Just to the north of George Town lies Seven Mile Beach, which offers easy access to many of the same amenities as the capital and is just a short trip away.

Seven Mile Beach is home to some of the finest luxury properties in the Cayman Islands and, like George Town, furnishes a wide range of opportunities to explore restaurants and shops - not to mention its eponymous, world-famous beach.

West Bay

All the way at the northwestern end of Grand Cayman, West Bay is a relatively quiet community that doesn’t get as many tourists as Seven Mile Beach or George Town. It’s also not too far from George Town, either, so if you’re looking for a quiet area that’s a stone’s throw from the capital, West Bay is a prime choice.

West Bay is also home to numerous natural and cultural attractions, such as West Bay Beach, the Cayman Turtle Center, Dolphin Cove, and Baker’s National Park. Just offshore from West Bay Beach there is also a thriving reef - perfect for swimmers, snorkelers, and divers.

Camana Bay

Camana Bay is a 675+ acre planned town just to the east of Seven Mile Beach. It is designed to be entirely walkable, with a wide range of shops, restaurants, schools, houses, and more, all within easy distance. It’s the ideal Cayman Islands community for those that don’t have (or want) a car.

Another great thing about Camana Bay is that it is close to both Seven Mile Beach and George Town. (Also, check out the Camana Bay Observation Tower for a breathtaking view of Grand Cayman, too!)

Bodden Town

Bodden Town offers the experience of living in a more developed center, but is less congested than George Town and in general, is more affordable as well.

This was the first capital of the Cayman Islands, and though it is still less developed than George Town, offers plenty of sights to see and things to do.  Enjoy the beach, and visit the Bodden Town Art Shop and the historic Mission House, one of the oldest buildings in the Cayman Islands.

Prospect and Red Bay

Prospect and Red Bay, right next to each other, are in the vicinity of George Town and are both rapidly developing. They’re close to schools and amenities like the Grand Harbour Shops, and the area is home to the second-largest skatepark in the world: Black Pearl Skate Park.

West End (Cayman Brac)

West End, on Cayman Brac, is where you’ll find Charles Kirkconnell International Airport, a few grocery stores and amenities, and some condo complexes. It’s not overly developed, but it’s one of the more developed areas on Cayman Brac. The West End is also nearby to some of Cayman Brac’s nicest beaches.

Stake Bay (Cayman Brac)

Stake Bay, along the north shore of Cayman Brac, is sort of like the “capital” of the island, which is where you’ll find the Government Office, a grocery store, a museum, and Layman E. Scott Sr. High School.

Blossom Village (Little Cayman)

Blossom Village, in the southeast of Little Cayman, is home to a few shops, along with a general store, a water sports shop, and Edward Bodden Airfield. It offers a nice balance of development, amenities, and laid-back island energy.

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