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Cayman Islands Homes for Sale: Is a House Right for You?

Crighton Properties  |  November 23, 2020

Cayman Islands Homes for Sale: Is a House Right for You?

Our Cayman Islands offer potential buyers so much to love. From the sunny weather to the amazing shopping to the wonderful avenues we offer for outdoor and cultural recreation, there are so many things to see and do in the Cayman Islands. Whether you love the quiet living that you’ll be able to find on Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, or you want to be in the heart of the action in Grand Cayman, there’s a place - you just need to discover it.

Prospective buyers will also appreciate the fact that the Cayman Islands are not only welcoming to foreign buyers but that they also offer a stable government, many safe communities, advanced infrastructure, and much more.

If you’re settling on the Cayman Islands, the next step is to determine what kind of property you want to investigate. In recent blogs, we’ve gone over questions to ask yourself to help you determine if, for example, a condo was right for you. In this blog, we’re going to go over an alternative, namely a house. Read our points of consideration when you are in the process of determining whether or not Cayman Islands homes for sale are right for you.

Differences between a House and a Condo

First, some buyers might be interested in a comparison between a house and a condo. Granted, many of you reading this probably know the differences between them, but if not, here’s what to expect.

While the superficial difference between a house and a condo might be evident enough, it isn’t these traits that define them. For one thing, a house is typically a standalone structure that has grounds associated with it. This stands in contrast to most condos which are not only not freestanding but usually have no associated grounds like a yard.

However, what the property lacks in its own grounds, it probably makes up for in shared amenities. Condos are typically smaller than houses and are adjoined to other units, even contained occasionally within one big complex.

If you’re looking for a comparative view on the advantages and disadvantages of a house, keep reading.

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Advantages of a House

By this point you’re probably wondering whether or not a house is right for you, and here are some of the reasons that a house might suit you better than a condo, or land, or some other property.

  • More freedom to express yourself, design and decorate

    One of the biggest selling points of a house is the fact that the property and the grounds are yours. Granted, there are some situations in which houses in a community would be affected by the by-laws and covenants of the homeowners association, if there is one, but that is not always the case. There are situations in which owning a home will give you far more freedom than other types of properties. For example, let’s say that you want to drastically change the facade of the house, or the windows, or even the roof. If it’s your property, you can do so with minimal invasive interference from outside (provided you have all the proper permits and any other documentation). You might not be able to do the same with a condo, as exterior work is carefully proscribed. Consider also that you might want to make alterations to your yard or the grounds of your home. Do you want to put in a pool or create a big outdoor kitchen for your outdoor entertainment? Are you thinking about creating your own unique oasis with redone landscaping? These are things you can do easily with most houses that would be difficult elsewhere. If having control over the grounds and design of your home is important to your sense of self-expression, then a house might be the way for you to go.

  • More room

    Naturally, this is going to depend on the size of the property or the house in which you are interested, but for the most part, a house is going to be a lot bigger and come with more land than other forms of property like condos. Generally speaking, a house is larger in and of itself and it will come with a yard as well, which is something that many condos and some townhouses don’t have. This makes houses amenable for people looking to raise a family or to have company over for entertainment. There’s just more room with a house, and that makes hosting easier. But it’s not just always about the hosting or who will be living with you. More room means more space for your belongings and more rooms in your home to devote to special uses. The same could be said for your yard.

  • Houses are sometimes easier to sell

    Here’s one more thing you might want to keep in the back of your mind, which is important depending on your long term goals. The simple fact is that in most markets, it’s easier to sell a house which will make it easier for you to move. Now, that might not be a real concern of yours - space and freedom might be more important. However, if you’re only looking for a place to vacation or a second home, it might be valuable to you to have a property that you could easily sell. Truthfully, you could also make an argument that a condo would be better since it would be easier to care for, but it’s really up to you to decide. There’s more than one way to consider all of these points.

Drawbacks of a House

However, even with these advantages sorted out, that doesn’t mean that the clear answer for every buyer is a house. As it turns out, there are some drawbacks that you should keep in mind, even as an interested buyer.

  • Houses are more expensive

    Again, this is one of those points that aren’t necessarily true across the board, but the general fact of the matter is that houses are more expensive than townhomes and condos. There are some exceptions to this rule. Size, property features, facilities, and location all weigh into the price of a property, but all things being held equal, a house will cost more than another similar property. So the price of getting some of the benefits mentioned above could simply be that the house is going to cost a little more than an alternative, but for you, it might be worth it. Then again, this might also be offset by the fact that a house is usually easier to sell than another form of property, as we mentioned earlier.

  • No shared amenities

    Condos and townhomes, along with apartments, usually feature shared grounds and amenities. These could include but are not limited to public gyms, areas for outdoor recreation, indoor facilities, and much more. When you factor these into the cost of a condo, they might make the condo worth much more than a similar house, since you would have to buy a membership elsewhere with a house, or provide for your own equipment. Some buyers would prefer that, though. In addition, condo and townhouse living have been called community living. Some people love being in the action, but it isn’t made for others. If you like to have your own space and don’t appreciate the idea of sharing facilities, then a house might be for you. If not, you might do better to look at other opportunities.

  • All the maintenance is on you

    We could have mentioned this earlier under the section associated with the higher costs of houses, but it deserves its own section. When you own a home, all of the maintenance for the home - inside and outside, including the exterior, windows, roof, and grounds, falls on you as a responsibility of the homeowner. Some homeowners take pride in the work they put into their homes, but for other people, it’s just extra time spent doing and paying for maintenance that was not welcome. For people that want a homeowner’s association to help foot the bill of property maintenance, a house might not be the ideal property. With a condo, there’s a good likelihood that the exterior of the property will be maintained by the association, certainly along with the grounds. Some buyers might find this a value-added feature of buying a condo, but it’s also important to keep in mind that the HOA fees will pay for this - and some houses come without them.

  • It might be less convenient living, depending on your priorities

    Community living just may be great for some, but it’s not the best for all people at all times. If you love the peace and quiet and like to hear more birds and waves than hustle and bustle, a house in Little Cayman or Cayman Brac might be more to your speed than a house - or a condo - in Grand Cayman. Still, there are plenty of opportunities in Cayman Islands real estate in Grand Cayman for those who are looking to buy a house. If you need to be independent of a homeowners association, then a house might be something for you to look for. It’s generally quieter living when you choose a house over a condo - but again, this depends on the location and neighborhood - which is why it’s useful to work with a partner like us who knows the market for property in the Cayman Islands inside and out.

  • Is a Condo Better?

    We’ve already built some compelling cases for condo living throughout the course of the article, and truth be told, there is more than one way to look at the situation. The reality of the matter is that houses are better for some buyers’ unique needs and condos are better than others. Homes are not just houses, and many Cayman Islands homes for sale are actually condos. For a summarized analysis of the comparative benefits of a condo, consider these: [1]Condos are typically more affordable than houses [2]Condos come with shared amenities and grounds, which is convenient and saves money [3]Condo living will put you in close touch with most of your neighbors, which is attractive to some buyers [4]The HOA fees associated with a condo will pay for a lot of the maintenance of the property - but not all, so it’s important to be familiar with the terms.

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Land May Be the Answer

Still, the question of Cayman Islands homes for sale and which one is for you does not need to boil down solely to the matter of a house vs. a condo. Some buyers would get more value from a land purchase than they would from either a house or a condo.

Creative spirits who really get excited about the prospect of designing and building their own dream home - or business - should consider purchasing land instead of a property that has already been developed.

Purchase of land will put the reins in your hands, and you will be free to build your vision from the ground up - just something else to think about when you’re shopping. It’s never entirely black and white.

Call Us to Learn More

At the end of the day, you shouldn’t feel the need to shoulder the purchase decision all on your own. Buying property is an involved process, no matter where or what you buy, and we’re here by your side to help you along the way.

Give us a call at 345-949-5250 and talk to us about your goals and visions. We’ll help you determine what property is the best for you and then put you in front of options. We’ve helped many buyers along their way to their ideal homes or locations in the Cayman Islands, and we can do the same for you. It all starts with a call, so give us a shout today.


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