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Buying a Property in the Cayman Islands? Special Home Features To Look Out For!

Tammy Crighton-Buck  |  June 16, 2016

Buying a Property in the Cayman Islands? Special Home Features To Look Out For!


Many people who live on the mainland often fancy an island lifestyle and would do anything to own a house on a tropical island next to a white sandy beach and surrounded by calm and blue sea. The Cayman Islands are a perfect place in the Caribbean to own such a property.

Many buyers often look out for special home features while buying property in the Cayman Islands.

Let's Take a Look at some of the Features that can Appeal to you while Making that Supreme Decision to Buy a Cayman Home

  • Hurricane Resistance

    Since the Cayman Islands are in a hurricane prone area, it’s good to ask if the house is designed to withstand category 5 hurricane force winds. Most houses in Cayman are now being built according to international standards and can withstand severe hurricanes.

  • Like many Cayman buyers, you can look out for homes that are spacious and have flowing floor plans. Any home which has a separate theatre area or game room is appreciable. A modern gym can be an added advantage. Also, would you prefer a home in a secluded location or in a friendly neighbourhood that offers facilities for social interaction.

  • Make sure your ideal home is energy efficient so it is not too expensive to maintain. Homes with high ceilings can be just right for you. Ensure that the home you intend to purchase is energy efficient and you can implement green measures like solar power. This is essential since the Cayman Islands are situated in a tropical location and the heating/cooling costs can be an issue if not

  • Moreover, you can also check if the home has low maintenance surfaces like granite and quartz. How about bamboo or wooden flooring, which can add to the aesthetics of your Cayman home.

  • A private outdoor space and extended bedroom with a sitting space can be an additional attraction. The outdoors in Cayman is fantastic, so you can enjoy these sights from your own home. Also, does the home have abundant storage? Ample cabinets and shelves will help you keep yourself more organized.

  • Today, Cayman is at par with international standards when it comes to technology. If you are technology savvy, then it is a good idea to check if the home is wired for smart technology such as phones, modems, and DSL. Additionally, can you accommodate the latest plasma television in the family room? You can look for features that allow you to convert your home in to a living space and transform it into a centre of activity. It is also advisable to check if the home has built-in wiring and conduits for accessories such as television and home theatre systems. If you work from home, then a house with a separate office space would be ideal. Let your home in Cayman be a smart home!

  • It’s a good idea to check out the kitchen as well and see if it is large and has plenty of open space. With such kitchens, you can prepare food as well as entertain guests easily. Also look for high performance appliances in the kitchen and even good quality kitchen cabinets. Why not fancy preparing some Cayman style cuisine and entertaining your international guests here in Cayman.

  • Large master baths that have separate tub and shower along with separate vanities are very fashionable. Also, spa-like features such as shower massage jets are welcome so that you can enjoy your bathroom resort style. At the same time, a linen closet in the bathroom is also a welcome addition along with a laundry room. In Cayman, you would really want a great shower and a bath after enjoying all those endless outdoor activities!

  • Why not see if the house has outdoor features such as, wider courtyards, larger balconies and verandas. Additionally, low voltage lighting in the courtyard can be a brilliant addition to make your home stand out from the rest! Also, if you are a water sports enthusiast and are interested in buying waterfront or canal front property in Cayman, then you might want facilities where you can store your water sports equipment or secure your boat.  Also a large garage which can accommodate at least two cars is more preferable.

    Many buyers prefer a home in the Cayman Islands because of the serenity that this tranquil location provides. You can choose to look for a house of your preference in Grand Cayman, the main island. If you desire more tranquility and serenity, then you can choose a home in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, the Sister Islands. Nevertheless, do look for features that are unique and which make your home stand out from the rest. Good luck!


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