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Best Places for Diving and Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands
14 June
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Best Places for Diving and Snorkeling in the Cayman Islands

Are you looking for the best places to indulge in scuba diving and snorkeling in the gorgeous Cayman Islands? Then you have come to the right place. Whether you are specifically looking for properties for sale in Rum Point on Grand Cayman to purchase or are looking forward to a quick yet fulfilling trip, we have all the answers you need.

Here at Crighton Properties, we are real estate professionals that know the Islands inside and out, which makes us experts in not only real estate here but even the best things to do!

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the best spots for diving and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands!

Scuba Diving
If you’re a diver, you know there really is no better “high” for you than when you discover a truly remarkable underwater vista. Fortunately, the Cayman Islands offer plenty of places for you to scuba dive on all three of its islands.

Grand Cayman
USS Kittiwake is an ex-US Navy ship that didn’t sink against its will like many other sunken ship dive locations– it was sunk on purpose for a magnificent dive site! While it isn’t recommended for beginner scuba divers, it still provides other divers with an experience of a lifetime. If you’re hungry for more shipwreck diving, there’s also the Wreck of the Oro Verde to experience!

Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto are both found in George Town on Grand Cayman and are great for diving. Eden Rock is filled with coral and fish while Devil’s Grotto has underwater caves that are perfect for exploration.

Tarpon Alley is actually quite the contrary to its name: you aren’t guaranteed to see tarpon here! However, the 50-82 feet deep waters have plenty of other creatures to admire, like fish, coral, and maybe–just maybe–hammerhead sharks.

Cayman Brac
Wilderness Wall on the south side of the island contains a deep wall that starts at 50 feet depth to 80 feet. There is an abundance of tunnels and chimneys, all riddled with spectacular sea creatures, like tube sponges, a huge pinnacle, pelagic, and many more.

The MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck is an ex-Soviet Union ship that was sunk in 1996. It’s easily one of the best dive sites on the island!

Little Cayman
Bloody Bay Wall in Bloody Bay Marine Park was ranked one of the best scuba diving locations in the world! It features a stunning reef at 20 feet below sea level along with a steep drop-off of over 1,000 feet. Advanced and beginner divers alike can enjoy the myriad of corals and sea creatures this location has to offer!

Jackson’s Bight at the northwest end of the island is another great diving spot, as it has numerous dive spots to choose from that include tunnels, chutes, and crevices.


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Not interested in scuba diving but still want to admire underwater life? Then give snorkeling a try in the Cayman Islands because there are a ton of stunning, life-changing places for you to do so!

Grand Cayman
One great snorkeling spot on Grand Cayman is Bioluminescent Bay, which includes bioluminescent plankton that, by the means of a natural chemical process, illuminate the water during the nighttime. This in turn provides you with a uniquely stunning snorkeling experience after the sun has set!

Starfish Point is another great choice for snorkeling! Starfish Point offers snorkelers a unique and up-close look at five-armed starfish of varying sizes in their natural environment– all on a pristine white sand beach.

Stingray City is a group of sandbars that are located off the coast of Grand Cayman where visitors can swim with Atlantic stingrays! Atlantic stingrays are relatively small, ranging from 12 to 14 inches in width, and are known to be docile yet curious creatures.

There are other great places to enjoy snorkeling on the island, like:

?Turtle Reef: In West Bay right near the Turtle Centre, discover vibrant undersea life along a mini-wall– and you may even see sea turtles and rays!

?Lighthouse Point: Enjoy a mini wall along with a beautiful, lively reef.

?Governors Beach: Find the white buoy at Seven Mile Beach, which marks a coral reef filled with friendly, vibrant fish– and even some stingrays, if you’re lucky!

?Cemetery Beach: Located at the northern end of Seven Mile Beach, this snorkeling spot is usually not crowded.

?Wreck of the Cali: a snorkeling spot that features a shipwreck of a 244-foot freighter from 1948. Since then, sea creatures have made it their home, especially fish and corals.

?Cheeseburger Reef: Access a gorgeous reef 100-200 yards out right in front of the Burger King (and it’s great for diving!).

?Eden Rock and Devil’s Grotto: Get the chance to hang out with some large tarpon and grouper while swimming through tunnels and, during the summer, experience a unique light show from millions of tiny silversides in the caves.

?Rum Point: That’s right: when you purchase a property or properties for sale in Rum Point, you’ll have a stunning snorkeling location nearby! Rum Point has a small reef right off the dock where fish accumulate, which makes this a great spot for beginners.

Cayman Brac
Cayman Brac, the second largest island of the three, also has a few memorable snorkeling spots for the whole family! The most recommended area in general, however, is the north shore.

Buccaneer Reef can be accessed by Buccaneer’s Beach in West End and boasts a myriad of stingrays, eagle rays, reef sharks, and sea turtles. Stake Bay is a great option for those looking for shore snorkeling.

The MV Captain Keith Tibbetts wreck is a superb place for diving, as mentioned previously, but it also has impressive underwater visibility, making the wreck still enjoyable for snorkelers!

Little Cayman
Little Cayman, the smallest of the three islands, has some exemplary snorkeling available as well. Remember when we mentioned Bloody Bay Marine Park? That area can also be thoroughly enjoyed by snorkeling enthusiasts, too! This protected marine park has six designated snorkeling sites, but Nancy’s Cup of Tea and Jackson Point sit at the top of the list.

Lea Lea’s Lookout is another snorkeling spot that has truly impressed us all. Located on the northshore, you can witness stunning sea life, including sponges, hawksbill turtles, coral, and reef fish.

Preston Bay is another great option for snorkelers– even beginners! The sand flats here are about six feet deep and feature dense marine life, including jacks, conchs, silversides, and bonefish. You can also swim to deeper areas, which can drop 30 to 50 feet down– but don’t worry: you can still see plenty as the visibility is second to none!

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Now that you know the best spot for scuba diving and snorkeling in the Cayman Islands, why not check out our properties for sale in Rum Point, one of the best spots for living in the territory? Make your tropical getaway your forever home today!