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10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors
29 September
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10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors

It often happens that you get the urge to buy something for your home in the Cayman Islands and end up spending a lot of money to get that perfect look. I’m sure there’s a designer lurking within each of you. You can use everyday products lying around the house or your garage and upcycle them, thereby giving them a new lease of life.

A few suggestions below will help get that quirky home interior with very little expenditure and practically without wasting anything! These everyday products will give a unique note to your interior and décor, thereby adding personality to your Cayman Islands residential property. You can also maximise the attractiveness of your Cayman home which might help you increase the sale value of your home. Take a look at ten different ways below:

  • Vintage suitcase boombox: If you have a vintage suitcase that is lying in the loft or in the basement and plan to discard it, stop! You can easily get it converted into a boom box along with the subwoofers and tweeters. With a little DIY or help from a techie friend, you can easily get this going. Take it out for a mini dance party or use it in your own room to play music!
    10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors - Image 1
    Vintage Suitcase Boombox
  • Bamboo purse handles: You can easily upcycle bamboo purse handles and convert them into DIY towel rings for your home bathroom.
  • Vintage Weathered Table: If you have a vintage or a weathered table, then you can easily convert it into a washstand for home or bathroom. Add a marble top and a sink set and presto! It’s fully functional.
  • Crab/Lobster Trap: You can easily create a beautiful side table with the help of a lobster trap. Add it as part of your living room interiors and enjoy the look!
  • Vintage Tin Boxes: I’m sure every house has a couple of vintage tin boxes lying around. You can easily utilize vintage seed or cigarette boxes and fill them with soil and grow herbs in them. You can even utilize new chocolate and tea tins, which will soon take on a worn tarnishing and look great!
    10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors - Image 2
    Vintage Tin Boxes
  • Old Wooden Ladders: If you have an old set of wooden ladders lying in your backyard that have outlived their original purpose, you can easily do a bit of DIY and transform them into a rack or frame for bathroom towels or linen cloth. It’s not essential to remove old odd paint marks or marks the ladders have received from knocks over the years.
    10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors - Image 3
    Wooden Ladder for bathroom linen
  • Wallpaper Collage: If you have some spare wallpaper left over from earlier projects, you can easily create a collage and decorate a plain wall. I’m sure your guests will be left marvelling at your decorative skills!
  • Old wooden blocks: Old square or rectangular blocks of wood can easily be used as side tables especially if you want a rustic home interior. They also add warmth and texture.
  • Vintage muffin pans: Pretty looking and vintage multipurpose muffin pans can do wonders as a handy tray for toiletries in the bathroom. Place it besides the bathtub and all your toiletries are within arm’s reach!
  • Empty Wine Crates: If you have an empty crate of wine at home, you can reuse that crate in the bathroom as a shelf! Once in place, it will serve as an open shelf for toiletries, shampoo bottles, and other bath products. Alternatively, you can even decorate the wine case and use it as a shelf in your room!
    10 Ways to Upcycle Everyday Products for unique Home Interiors - Image 4
    Decorated Wine Crates

If you really want a great home with unique interiors or want to maximise the attractiveness of your Cayman home so you can get the maximum sale value, then why not follow the above tips!

So, now you know that anything that seems old need not be discarded, but given a new lease of life. Take a look around your house or pick up every day products and give them a new lease of life. Good Luck!