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About West Bay

Explore Properties in West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Experience the true island lifestyle when looking at properties for sale in West Bay. Whether it be diving, kitesurfing, enjoying the white sandy beaches, or having fine dining at award-winning restaurants, West Bay has plenty to offer.

The allure of West Bay transcends the seasons, making it a perfect destination throughout the year. Pristine beach, lush greenery, and a friendly community make West Bay a more appealing destination to purchase property. From lavish waterfront estates to cozy family homes, the residential offerings in West Bay are diverse and captivating. Let’s explore the latest properties for sale in West Bay at Crighton Properties.

Various Properties For Sale in West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

West Bay is on the northwest tip of Grand Cayman; it has its own vibe while being close to all the amenities and attractions of the Cayman Islands, such as Seven Mile Beach and George Town. So, if you are looking for a place where property prices are relatively lower but more beautiful and peaceful, then West Bay properties are perfect for you.

There are numerous properties in West Bay for every budget and style. West Bay has beachfront, water view, canal front, and inland properties, which makes it a well-sought-after area. Find the perfect investment condo along the water or a family home inland, just a short commute from restaurants, shops, schools and activities. Here, we listed a range of properties in the West Bay area. Each listing includes photos, detailed descriptions, prices, amenities, Google location, and neighborhood information for West Bay.

No matter what you are looking for, we have something for everyone -

  • Luxury Homes for sale in West Bay
  • Condominiums for sale in West Bay
  • Townhouse and Villas for sale in West Bay
  • Land for sale in West Bay

Why Buy a Home in West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Homes for sale in West Bay have a lot to offer for many different needs, so you can buy a property that checks all your boxes. Apart from natural beauty, this area also hosts plenty of fun attractions to fill your sun-soaked weekends. From Barkers National Park to Dolphin Discovery, the Turtle Centre to horseback riding on the beach and kite surfing – you’ll surely find loads to do.

With its family-friendly nature, pristine white sand beaches, and world-famous dive sites, West Bay will welcome you and your family with open arms.

What Makes West Bay Real Estate an Ideal Investment?

Investing in West Bay real estate offers multiple reasons for making it an ideal investment. Here are some key factors that make it a perfect real estate investment:

  1. Scenic Beauty: West Bay is popular for its stunning natural beauty. From pristine beaches to lush tropical landscapes, the aesthetic appeal of this place increases property values and attracts both residents and travelers.
  2. Proximity to Seven Mile Beach: This area is located near the famous Seven Mile Beach and the capital of George Town.
  3. Range of Property Options: West Bay offers a variety of real estate options, from lavish villas to family homes to modern condos. This diverse range allows investors to find properties in West Bay that align with their budget and preferences.
  4. Steady Tourism: These islands are one of beach lovers' most preferred travel destinations, open throughout the year and experience consistent tourism. This boosts the rental market and makes it an attractive option for investors.
  5. Property Ownership: There is no restriction on foreign ownership of property in Cayman, which enables a broad spectrum of foreign investment. Allow people to sell and buy property without a Cayman Islands citizenship.
  6. Tax friendly: The Cayman Islands benefits its investors with zero annual property taxes (You only need to pay stamp duty.), which fosters a secure investment climate for any real estate investor.
  7. Security and Laws: These British Islands have very low crime rates and strict laws on property encroachment, providing its citizens with a peaceful environment.

Why Choose Crighton Properties for Real Estate in West Bay, Grand Cayman?

Crighton Properties is your trusted real estate partner in buying or selling properties in West Bay, Grand Cayman. With a legacy of serving the Cayman Islands for over 50 years, we possess the experience, expertise, and local insights to match you with your dream property. Our dedication to personalized service, ethical practices, and community commitment make us the most reliable real estate service provider in Cayman.

What Set Us Apart From Others:

  • Professional and Dedicated Team
  • Diverse Property Portfolio
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Streamlined Procedure

For help with your West Bay real estate endeavors, contact us at We look forward to helping you.

Facts About West Bay, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

  1. Historic Shipwrecks - The waters off West Bay are home to numerous historical shipwrecks. This is a very popular tourist attraction among divers and underwater explorers.
  2. Rocky Landscape of Hell - There is an area named “Hell,” in West Bay, a popular tourist destination known for its unique rock formations and landscapes.
  3. Must-Try Things: There are several local festivals like Pirates Week and music festivals where you can enjoy music and various theme-based activities.
  4. Unexplored West Bay: There is a world-class Turtle Farm where you can see the rarest turtle breeds, and many explored snorkeling spots are there with diverse marine life.

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