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About Seven Mile Beach Corridor

Explore Properties on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor

Don't you ever dream of having a luxury property on Seven Mile Beach? It’s the perfect place to be. Grand Cayman's Seven Mile Beach is the most desired location for luxury properties in the Cayman Islands. Why shouldn’t it be? Seven Mile Beach, known for its glittering stretch of white sand and sparkling blue waters, is continuously named among the world's most attractive beach locations.

From studio-sized condos to luxury apartments & beachside houses, the residential offerings on Seven Mile Beach are exceptional. Let’s browse the latest properties for sale on Seven Mile Beach and find your ideal home with Crighton Properties.

Luxury Properties For Sale on Seven Mile Beach and Seven Mile Beach Corridor

When searching for properties for sale in the Seven Mile Beach area , you have a lot to choose from – beachfront, waterfront, or canal front. Within the Seven Mile Beach (SMB) area, you’re sure to find something perfect that checks all your boxes; you just need to scroll through the range of Seven Mile Beach properties on the Crighton Properties website. From waterfront estates with panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea to modern condos that redefine seaside living, our real estate offerings are as diverse as they are luxurious. Whether you're searching for tranquil villas, modern townhouses, or suitable land to build your dream retreat, we've got you covered. Each listing includes photos, detailed descriptions, prices, amenities, Google locations, and neighborhood information for Seven Mile Beach.

No matter what you are looking for, we have something for everyone -

  • Luxury Homes for sale on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor
  • Condominiums for sale on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor
  • Villas for sale on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor
  • Townhouses for sale on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor
  • Land for sale on Seven Mile Beach & Seven Mile Beach Corridor

Why Buy a Luxury Home in the Seven Mile Beach area?

By owning a property in the Seven Mile Beach area, you are not only on or around award-winning beaches but also close to outstanding restaurants, schools, shopping, and other facilities. The growing community of Camana Bay is also on your doorstep, which will prove to be a great weekend destination, a perfect spot for a night out or an impressive visit when you have guests in town. With a very short commute to most of what Grand Cayman has to offer, the Seven Mile Beach area is a central and convenient location to call home. You could be looking for a Seven Mile Beach condo as an investment or a canal-front home in Crystal Harbour for your growing family, this community has everything you need.

What Makes Seven Mile Beach Real Estate an Ideal Investment?

Seven Mile Beach is renowned for its natural beauty and luxurious properties, but there's more to this destination than meets the eye. The Cayman Islands' stable economy and favorable tax environment make it an attractive hub for investors and businessmen. Due to this, Seven Mile Beach property prices are rising exponentially, making it one of the most demanding real estate in the Caribbean. Due to the Cayman Islands government's commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable development, the real estate here is not just an investment; it's a legacy. Let’s see other factors which make it an ideal destination for real estate investors.

  • Prime Location - Seven Mile Beach is one of the most sought-after beachfront locations in the Caribbean. Its pristine white sands, crystal-clear waters, and proximity to the capital of George Town and the airport make it a prime destination for both tourists and residents. Apart from that, Seven Mile Beach is the epicenter of leisure hotels and businesses in the Cayman Islands.
  • World-Class Destination - In 2021, Seven Mile Beach was recognized as one of the "Best of the Best Beaches" by Trip Advisor, and in 2020, it earned the distinguished title of one of the "Best Island Beaches in the World" by Conde Nast. Furthermore, it has secured its place on various esteemed lists, including Insider's "20 Best Beaches on the Planet," Forbes' "Caribbean's Best Beaches 2020," and Travel and Leisure's "The Best Getaway Weekend Escape”.
  • Multiple Benefits: Investing in residential property on Seven Mile Beach offers an exceptional dual-purpose opportunity. It serves as a family vacation destination and presents a significant income-generating potential through rental opportunities.
  • Steady Demand: The beautiful Seven Mile Beach attracts tourists, expatriates, and investors due to its political stability, favorable tax environment, and high quality of life. This ensures a steady demand for real estate.
  • No Property Taxes - The Cayman Islands don’t have any property taxes, capital gains taxes, or income taxes, making it an attractive destination for real estate investors seeking tax benefits.
  • Economic Stability: Seven Mile Beach is a strong and stable economic point in Cayman, primarily driven by tourism, the financial services industry, and real estate.
  • Ownership Rights: The Cayman Islands offer secure property ownership rights, making it accessible for both local and foreign investors. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.
  • Tourism Hub: Seven Mile Beach is a focal point in Cayman and a major tourism hub in the Caribbean. A steady flow of visitors means ample opportunities for tourism-related investments and businesses.
  • Beachfront Lifestyle: Investing in Seven Mile Beach real estate allows a beachfront lifestyle and gives access to everyday facilities, water sports, world-class dining, shopping, and a safe and friendly community.

Why Choose Crighton Properties for Real Estate in the Seven Mile Beach Area?

Crighton Properties is your trusted real estate partner in buying or selling properties in the Seven Mile Beach area. With a legacy of serving the Cayman Islands for over 50 years, we possess the experience, expertise, and local insights to match you with your dream property. Our dedication to personalized service, ethical practices, and community commitment make us the most reliable real estate service provider in Cayman.

What Set Us Apart From Others?

  • Professional and Dedicated Team
  • Diverse Property Portfolio
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Streamlined Procedure

For help with your Seven Mile Beach real estate endeavors, contact us today at We look forward to helping you.

Things You Should Know About Seven Mile Beach

  1. Despite its name, it’s not actually seven miles long. The beach is approximately 5.5 miles long (9 KMs).
  2. Seven Mile Beach is renowned for its white sand beaches, which feel soft and seem like powder. This sand is made of tiny broken coral and seashell particles, which give it a unique texture and colorful appearance.
  3. This world-famous beach is near amazing snorkelling and scuba diving spots; the most beautiful sunsets can be seen here.

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