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About Rum Point/Cayman Kai

Explore a Range of Properties in Cayman Kai

Cayman Kai is a wonderful spot for nature lovers to buy a family home or invest in real estate. Beachcombing, swimming, snorkeling, and water sports are all available here. Famous for white-sand beaches and pristine, crystal clear water, Cayman Kai, located on the beautiful north side of Grand Cayman, is a place to own a home or invest.

It is an ideal community for real estate investment in the Cayman Islands due to its excellent island lifestyle and tranquil environment. At Crighton Properties, you will find a variety of choices, whether it’s a residential property or a parcel to build your dream home.

Just under an hour from George Town by car (although you can commute across the North Sound, too), you will reach Cayman Kai, home to many exclusive mid to high-end Cayman Islands homes.

Properties For Sale in Cayman Kai

Crighton Properties can help you find exclusive land parcels, beachfront homes, condominiums, and more. Purchasing a property at Cayman Kai provides an unparalleled Cayman Islands living experience. Reach out to us for information on available properties.

No matter what you are looking for, we have something for everyone -

  • Homes for sale in Cayman Kai
  • Condominiums for sale in Cayman Kai
  • Villas for sale in Cayman Kai
  • Townhouses for sale in Cayman Kai
  • Land for sale in Cayman Kai

Why wait? Contact us today for consultation and investment in Cayman Kai Real Estate.

Why Choose Crighton Properties for Real Estate in Cayman Kai?

Crighton Properties is your trusted real estate partner in buying or selling properties in Cayman Kai in the Cayman Islands. With a legacy of serving the Cayman Islands for over 50 years, we possess the experience, expertise, and local insights to match you with your dream property. Our dedication to personalized service, ethical practices, and community commitment make us the most reliable real estate service provider in Cayman.

What Sets Us Apart From Others?

  • Professional and Dedicated Team
  • Diverse Property Portfolio
  • Exceptional Customer Services
  • Streamlined Procedure

For help with your Cayman Kai real estate queries, contact us at We look forward to helping you.

Some Facts About Cayman Kai

  • Cayman Kai Community: The area of Cayman Kai is characterized by a close-knit community, often welcoming visitors with warm hospitality. It's a peaceful, residential area of Grand Cayman, offering a serene escape from the hustle and bustle of the capital and Seven Mile Beach area.
  • Bioluminescent Bay: Cayman Kai is home to a bioluminescent bay. At night, the water in the bay lights up with the magical glow of bioluminescent organisms, creating a stunning natural light show.
  • Starfish Point: A beautiful shallow beach with dozens of starfish resting on the sand. Be careful not to pick them up; they are extremely fragile and cannot breathe when taken out of the water.
  • Rum Point Beach: Nestled close to Cayman Kai, this beautiful beach invites you to create cherished memories along its sun-kissed coastline amidst vibrant marine life and within the lively atmosphere of beachside restaurants and bars.

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