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Exterior and Interior Tips


Before potential buyers even see what the home has to offer, they view its exterior. An unkempt or unattractive view of the outside of the home could potentially result in a missed opportunity. To show the house in its best light, consider the following:

  1. Move all materials including garbage cans and gardening supplies into a garage or shed
  2. Mow the lawn and weed and maintain all planted areas
  3. Replace any outdoor light bulbs that are not working
  1. Sweep walkways and steps and remove all small items from the porch or patio
  2. Wash and repaint the front door if necessary
  3. Replace worn or badly stained door mats


Once a potential buyer enters the home, they need to determine if it will meet their needs and expectations. Give them the best view of the home’s interior by following these steps:

  1. Remove clutter by limiting decorative objects
  2. Clear all unnecessary small appliances from kitchen countertops
  3. Rearrange or remove furniture to highlight the space in a room
  1. Review each room and clean out accessories
  2. Ensure all light fixtures and bulbs are working